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Welcome to virtual world of Ayurvedic medical science at Shree Yash Ayurvedic clinic

Welcome to Shree Yash Ayurved Upchar Kendra

Working for Complete and Positive Health of beloved society.

Friendly Clinic Near You

Situated in Heart of Jalgaon City, Maharastra.

Experienced Doctor

Giving Medical Service over 25 Years to Society.

Wish for Happy Maternal Life & Future of the Family

Giving Medical Service over 25 Years to Society.Special & Successful Work on Male & Female Infertility.
Pre & post Marriage counseling.
Work for Health of Pregnant Woman Regarding Diet, Vihar, Vichar, Medicine, Physical & mental exercises & Meditation, Relations, Art exercises, Post Delivery Care that leads to Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual Health of Baby.

Have a Gut Feeling

For chest& abdominal problems
Diet, Medicines, Aerobic Exercises, stress mangement, Food Recipe Guidance
Food taking according to Prakriti & Diseases.

Dr. Vishakha Garge

B.A.M.S., Diploma in Yoga
Diploma in Panchakarma
M. Sc. (Value Education & Spirituality)
Faculty for YCMOU, Nasik.
Director of Garbhasanskar Program- ‘Sparsh’.
Consultant at Udan Vyasanmukti Kendra

Dr Shirish Garge
(Visiting Consultant)

M. D. (Ayurveda Medicine)
Senior Ayurved Consultant
Noble Personality Working in Ayurved since 30yrs
1st M.D. Medicine of North Maharashtra
Director of Shree Dutta Chest Hospital, Jalgaon.

Dr. Aayushi Garge
(Visiting Consultant)

Medicine resident at Saneguruji Hospital, Pune.
Lifestyle consultant.
Trichology and dermatology related guidance

Online Consulting

We recently developed Online Consulting. Now you can connect with us from your home. Our Doctors are working hard to serve you. For more details contact us.


Committed To Ayurvedic medical science

स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थ्यरक्षणं |
  • Working on four branches of Ayurveda

        1) Medicines
        2) Gynaecology & Paediatrics 
        3) Geriatrics & Rejuvenation Therapy
        4) Fertility

  • Doing All Panchkarma personally with Spiritual Touch & Entertainment.
  • Writing & Lectures through all Media for the Purpose of Ayurved.
  • Rajyog Practitioner & Teacher.
  • Guidance for De-addiction & Parents.
  • Workshops on 

        1)’Happy Life of Teacher’.
        2)’16 Powers’ for Successful Student Life.
        3)’Joyful Forties’ for Women.
        4)’My Today’s Role’ for Senior Citizen.

Dr. Sau. Vishakha Garge

B. A. M. S., M Sc.

Services for You

Health & Happiness through Ayurveda
Ayurved Medicine & Panchakarma
Ashtangyog & Other Physical & Mental Exercises
Diet & Daily Routine

Special Services

Skin Therapy 


Pre-Post Marriage Counselling

Counselling for Young Girls , Boys & their Parents during Hormonal Changes period

Counselling on Empowering Young ones 

Diet Charts for Diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes, Hormonal Changing Phase to Maintain Happiness

Special Packages For Youth

As Time Suggests us Care for New Generation is Essential. But Today’s Youth Is Facing Many Mental Problems such as Stress, Anxiety as well as Some physical problems Such as Blurred Vision, Hair problems, etc. That’s why We have Some Special Packages for Youths.

  • Shirodhara : – For Mental Health i.e. Short temperness, Depression, Insomnia, Hair problems.
  • Tarpan : – Eye Massage & Ghee Pouring on Eyes, Eyes Muscles. Tarpan Increase Vision Power.
  • Nasya : – Pouring of Medicinal Ghee & Oils in Nose for Mental & Some Physical Problems such as Fatigue, Diminished Concentration, Nasal Problems, Hair Problems.  

Panchakarma for Today’s Lifestyle

We Have All Your Ayurvedic Needs Covered
Snehan - Swedan
Shirodhara & Tarpan


Happy Stories

दया दुआ दवा |

Our family was affected by COVID-19. Dr Garge guided & treated us very well. Also gave post COVID therapy .
Now we all are feeling happy & healthy.
Ajay Deshpande (Pune)
(44 yrs)
I got complete relief from uterine fibroids 3 years before, no problem yet.
Dr. Suvarna Pawar (Jalgaon)
(50 yrs)
I got rid of my problem after successful medical therapy for uterine tumor
Smt. Vidya Naik (Jalgaon)
(63 yrs)
We got a bright beautiful Child after Dr. Garge's infertility Therapy.
Mr. Anil (45 yrs) &
Rajni (40 yrs) Bhamre
I have beautiful life as i got an angel girl child after 10 yrs of my marriage.
Rajani Chaudhari (Chopada) (32 yrs)
I got extra healthy bonus life
by Dr. Garge After treatment on hypertension & coronary heart disease.
Mr. D T Naik (Nasik)
(68 yrs)
I came out of kidney failure when there was no hope for me in modern medicine
Mr. Joshi (Nasik)
(64 yrs)
My son in 8th class got severe renal problems now he is complete healthy working in IT sector.
Prof. Jumade (Jalgaon)
I lost walking capability. On the basis of ayurved medicine & panchkarma within 15 days I got the power & now I can ride bicycle
Mr. Pradip Deshpande (Bhusawal) (35 yrs)

How to Find Us

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Opp. Khajamia Darga, Ganesh colony,
Jalgaon. 425001




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